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Vegan Fried Sauce Noodles! Also known as Vegan Zha Jiang Mian. This savory dish …

Vegan Fried Sauce Noodles! Also known as Vegan Zha Jiang Mian. This savory dish is served with shredded cucumber and carrot. ๐Ÿœ

WoonHeng from woon.heng created this incredible meal! The recipe is available on her website and down below:

– 2 tablespoons salty bean pasteโฃ
– 2 tablespoons of spicy black bean paste optional, if you skip this, adjust the sweet sauce accordinglyโฃ
– 4 tablespoons of sweet bean pasteโฃ
– ยฝ cup ShaoXing wine or waterโฃ
– 1 tablespoon sugarโฃ
– 1 cup chopped mushrooms used mini King oyster mushroomsโฃ
– 10 oz firm tofu mashedโฃ
Fragrant Oilโฃ
– ยฝ cup oilโฃ
– 1 onion cut into 8 wedgesโฃ
– 1 leek white and green part separated, choppedโฃ
Other Ingredientsโฃ
– Noodles of choiceโฃ
– Shredded cucumber and carrotโฃ
Place all the pastes in a large mixing bowl and mix with ShaoXing wine until well-combined.โฃ
In a large non-stick pan with about ยฝ cup of oil (more if needed), add in the chopped onion and green parts of the leek. Cook them over low-medium heat until they turn brown. Remove the onion, leek, and reserve the oil for cooking. โฃ
Using the same pan, cook mashed tofu until golden brown. Then, add in the mushrooms and cook until aromatic. โฃ
Stir in the sauce and turn heat to low. Cook while stirring constantly to prevent it from burning until the oil starts to separate from the mixture. Season with sugar and stir in the chopped leek (white part).โฃ
To put everything together, cook noodles as directed and place them in a serving bowl. Ladle a tablespoon of sauce over (more depending on the servings) and serve with shredded cucumber and carrot. Refrigerate the remaining sauces (good for up to a week)โฃ

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