Shaheen Afridi with his wife after winning the PSL Trophy

Shaheen Shah Afridi and his wife were beaming with joy as they celebrated the Lahore Qalandars’ victory in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final. The couple was seen hugging and kissing each other, with Shaheen expressing his gratitude to his wife for her unwavering support throughout the tournament.

The fast bowler, who played a crucial role in the Qalandars’ win, was ecstatic after being named the Player of the Tournament. He dedicated the award to his wife, saying that she was his biggest source of inspiration and motivation. “She has always been there for me, cheering me on from the sidelines and encouraging me to give my best,” he said.

Shaheen’s wife, who had accompanied him to the tournament, was equally thrilled with the victory. She expressed her pride in her husband’s performance and thanked the fans for their support. “I am so proud of Shaheen and his team. They played with passion and dedication and deserve all the credit for this win,” she said.

The couple, who have been married for a few years now, have been each other’s rock throughout their journey. They have been vocal about their love for each other and often share adorable pictures and messages on social media. Shaheen has credited his wife for helping him maintain a balance between his personal and professional life, and for being his biggest critic and supporter.

As the celebrations continued, Shaheen and his wife were seen dancing to the beat of the drums, with the crowd cheering them on. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness, a reminder that behind every successful person is a supportive partner.

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