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Pakistani actor Feroz Khan says that if he had been asked about his sisters’ personal lives or about their careers, he would not have allowed them to work in the showbiz industry.

Feroze Khan’s sisters Humaima Malick and Dua Malik also work in the Pakistani showbiz industry like him while his elder sister Hamima Malik has also become a part of Bollywood.

Although Feroze Khan’s sisters and he himself are part of the showbiz industry, his parents and his wife have nothing to do with the industry and they do not want showbiz or media people to mention their families in showbiz and media. Which has nothing to do with the showbiz industry.

In response to a question, Feroz Khan said that if his sisters Humaima Malick and Dua had the right to decide on Malik’s personal life and his career or if they were asked, they would not allow him to work in the showbiz industry.

Former actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Feroz Khan had recently announced to say goodbye to showbiz industry and now Feroz Khan’s sister Dua Malik has also given such a hint.

Feroze and Humaima Malick’s sister Dua Malik In a recent interview with PTI, Feroz Khan was asked about leaving the showbiz. In response to a question from the host, Dua Malik said,

And after me, it will be the turn of Humaima Malick. ”Singer and host Dua Malik said,“ The most influential person in this decision is Allah, and now we have a deep connection with spirituality, which is because we are all sisters. Brothers are self-made, we were not born with a golden spoon.

Later in the interview, Dua Malik was asked that many people also say that when you leave showbiz, how do you make a living? In response to this question, Dua Malik says, “As Maula Ali has said, live like a bird that does not sleep at night with a grain of grain in its mouth for the next day.

It is clear that a few days ago, the former actor Feroz Khan had said in a message released on the social networking site, “My fans are waiting for my statement in this regard. Earlier, it was reported that actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has quit the showbiz industry.

However, Hamza Ali Abbasi clarified. “I have not said goodbye to anyone in acting, showbiz, social media and politics. I want to give people the message of religion, Islam and God and use all mediums and social media, including TV, to talk about it,” he said. will do’.

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