Seven Famous Showbiz Stars Who Are Doctors

There are many highly educated people in the Pakistan showbiz industry who chose showbiz despite having a high degree even though they had the option to pursue different careers. Some people may not even know that there are some famous Pakistani actors who are also doctors. Becoming a doctor is considered a full-time job and being an actor also requires a lot of work and time. Even then, these actors performed well in their respective fields.

Syed Jibran:

Syed Jibran is one of the best male actors in Pakistan. He was much appreciated for his performance in Ranjha Ranjha Kurdi. Many people may not know that Syed Jibran did MBBS from Rawalpindi Medical College but he decided to become an actor instead of a doctor. He never intended to come to the showbiz but he often thought about it. His friend challenged him to audition for a commercial, it was a childish condition that made him an actor.

He first received a call from PTV to act in a play when he was in his fourth year of medical school. His parents told him to finish his education and then he could do whatever he wanted – that’s all he did! When he started acting, he decided to pursue the same career.

Fahad Mirza:

Fahad Mirza is a plastic surgeon and actor. He takes these two professions equally seriously and has managed to strike a balance between the two. Fahad Mirza has not done much work on television but he has made sure that he continues to do something to keep himself relevant in the field of showbiz. Fahad Mirza is really proud of what he has achieved in the field of plastic surgery. They like their work and that is why they often post their best work on social media.

Adeel Chaudhry:

Most people know Adeel Chaudhry as a singer, songwriter, and actor, but very few people know that he is also a dentist. After his first modeling project in India, Adeel Chaudhry returned and earned a dentist’s degree from a leading medical college in Lahore. He said in an interview that he is a certified dentist who can perform a root canal if he wants to! Later, he was offered more work in India as a singer and as an actor. That is why when he realized that he was more inclined towards the fine arts and he never chose dentistry as a profession.

Shaista Lodhi:

Shaista Lodhi started her career as a host in showbiz and for many years she has been hosting the biggest shows of popular channels. Recently, Shaista Lodhi also showed the essence of acting. Shaista Lodhi used to do housework when she started her showbiz career. Once he took up the showbiz profession, he really ran away from it and devoted most of his time to it. Now, after years of active work in the showbiz industry, Shaista Lodhi has decided to start her second career once again and she is doing well.

Shaista Lodhi has her own cosmetic surgery and skin clinic. She keeps posting pictures in which she is seen treating her patients. Shaista loves her work, something that keeps her motivated and moving. Recently, it has also launched its own range of scan care.

Ayesha Gul:
Ayesha Gul is a well-known actress who received her medical degree from the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. Ayesha Gul moved to Kyrgyzstan from Dubai after completing her high school education. She lives in Dubai but wants to be part of the Pakistani showbiz industry. Ayesha Gul is one of the actors who completely left her medical profession behind and acting became her first choice. In an interview, she said she would have become a plastic surgeon if she hadn’t come to the showbiz. Ayesha Gul will probably still start cosmetic surgery when she says goodbye to Showbiz.

Nadia Hussain:

After making a big name in the world of modeling, Nadia Hussain has now succeeded in making her mark in acting as well. As well as being a dentist, he is also a cosmetic surgeon. Nadia Hussain accidentally started modeling after completing her A level. She never thought she would pursue a modeling career as a full-time job. He left his medical profession behind and modeling became his obsession. Nadia Hussain has now opened her own salon and she also does cosmetic procedures. They also have their own make-up line.

Muzna Ibrahim:

Muzna Ibrahim is another actress who is not only a doctor but also a public speaker who recently started training people from the corporate world. They have also started their own scan spare line keeping in mind their expertise and knowledge. Muzna Ibrahim has made sure that she pursues her degree.

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