Zoya Nasir Beautiful Clicks Red Saree

Zoya Nasir is a famous beautician, actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She also had her youtube channel on which she upload her daily lifestyle videos and beauty vlogs. Her channel name is Zoya Nasir and she had above 120k subscribers on her Youtube channel.

She was born on 15th October 1986 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan) and she start her acting career in 2018. Her first television drama serial was Hania and she played the role of Hania in this drama serial and this serial was released in 2019.

She start her Youtube channel in 2019 and she got a quick subscribers on Youtube. “Because the streets are still full of garbage,” he said. Why are people still living on less money? Christian Bateman then told the Pakistanis that when they defile their country and do not help their people, they should stop being depressed for others.

His comments were generally rejected by Pakistani social media users and responded on social media, followed by Zoya Nasir announcing on Saturday afternoon that he and Christian Bateman would no longer marry. Well yes, the beautiful Zoya Nasir has just celebrated her birthday with her fellow actors.

She wore a cute silk dress and also cut her birthday cake with Haris Waheed, Maryam Fatima, Farhan Syed, Qasim Ali Mureed and other friends of hers. Here are the pictures from Zoya’s birthday party in which she invites her friends on her birthday to enjoy the celebration.

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