Former Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Wasim Akram’s wife Shanira Akram says that they have been married to Wasim for 8 years while their calf has completed 10 months.

It is to be noted that due to travel restrictions imposed by Corona, Shanira along with her daughter Aila have been stranded in Australia while Wasim Akram is in Pakistan.

“We have been married for 8 years and we have been separated for 12 months,” Shanira wrote in a message on social media site Twitter on her wedding anniversary today.

“I miss you every moment, but today I miss you a lot,” Shanira wrote, tagging Wasim.

It should be noted that Shaneera and her daughter Aila have been stranded in Australia since last year while her husband Wasim Akram is in Pakistan.

The Australian government has closed Australia’s borders in the wake of rising cases of the corona virus, which is why Shanera misses her husband Wasim Akram so much.

Shanera also started remembering her two sons after her separation from Wasim.

The legendary cricketer married Shanira Akram of Australian descent in 2013, with whom he has a daughter, Aila. Aila was born in 2014.

Pakistan and Australia will meet in the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup on November 11.

Social media users are eagerly awaiting this thrilling match and at the same time a user asked which team Shanira Akram, wife of former captain Wasim Akram will support in the semi-final match between Pakistan and Australia.

The Twitter user shared the poster of the semi-finals of Pakistan and Australia and also asked this question.

The female user wrote that I am very interested to know which team Shanira will support in this match.

A user named Samra Tariq, while mentioning Fakhr Alam, the host of A Sports program ‘The Pavilion’, wrote that can you ask Wasim Akram this question for us.

However, Shanira Akram retweeted the user’s tweet and asked the opposite question instead of replying. Shanira wrote, “I want you all to know which team do you think I will support?

Users started giving interesting answers to Shanira Akram’s question, someone wrote that you are Wasim Akram’s wife so it seems like you will be with Pakistan, one user wrote that if Shanira is from Australia then she Will be with them

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