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Pan-fried Daikon Radish Bunor Luo Bo Si Bing (萝卜丝饼) by . Follow us for more ve…

Pan-fried Daikon Radish Bun😋or Luo Bo Si Bing (萝卜丝饼) by woon.heng
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This recipe is vegan, easy, and packed with a delicious filling. There is no other way to eat more veggies in a meal than this🤩! I’ve made this a few times with different fillings for dinner and lunch. The dough is super soft and I used minimal oil in pan-frying it. The trick to get a soft dough is the water to flour ratio. To get the crispy brown without burning them is to use low-medium heat (important) and cover to steam them.👌🏼

Full recipe instructions with video:⁣
or search ‘daikon radish bun’ on⁣

Cooking notes:⁣
– I’ve shared a version of oil dough (roti canai, shou zhua scallion pancake) that yields a super thin and stretchable wrapper. This version has high water to flour ratio to get a similar result. You’ll add just enough water to form it into a soft dough.⁣
– The dough is sticky, so do flour your work surface, rolling pin, and your palms when handling it. ⁣
– I haven’t tried gluten-free flour yet but I’m sure the blend 1:1 will work in this case.⁣
– I’ve shared a few methods to cook the daikon radish on my blog. You can also use zucchini to replace the daikon radish.⁣
– Please note you don’t get much of the daikon radish left once you squeeze out the water.⁣

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