Pakistan Showbiz Stars Who Wear Different Dresses

Pakistan showbiz stars choice is unique. And they love to wear different dresses for own satisfaction and try to look more fashionable.
List of Celebrities who always wear surprising dresses.

1-Ayesha Omar
Actress Ayesha Omar, looking at the training of children by parents in the current situation, said that their children will be different from today’s children.The actress said in her Instagram story that if her future children are sons, they will be much different from today’s boys and she will train them in a unique way.

The actress wrote in the story that her future sons will be serious, gentle and respectful of others.

Ayesha Omar wrote that she would raise her son in such a way that she would raise her children like a mother herself and at the same time make her accountable for her every action.

2-Urva Hussain
Actress Urva Hussain said that she uses social media only when necessary.

He said in a recent interview that he has not become accustomed to phone or social media. But she uses both at work.

Urva Hussain said that even her close friends are unhappy with her habit of not seeing his messages for several days. He added that he thinks the increased use of phones and social media is also the cause of the rising rate of depression in people these days and the farther away from it, the better.

Actress Urva Hussain is showing the essence of acting in the drama serial Neeli Zinda Hai along with actor Mohib Mirza.

3-Mahira Khan

Pakistani actress and Maira Khan shared a picture of her body tattoo on social media which stunned the fans.

The actress keeps in touch with fans through occasional updates on social media and now she shares a picture of a tattoo on her shoulder and writes, “I will always be behind you.”

It may be recalled that Maira Khan is a young model and actress and she has acted in PTV dramas Cousins, Pakistani film Chambeli and Darj. In recent days, the drama has appeared in serial Bewafa and Cheenkh.

4-Iqra Aziz
Ever since I was a child, I used to take my mother’s dupatta and tie sarees and perform Indian songs in front of a mirror, get ready and put on make-up.

This is to say of the young generation actress Iqra Aziz who has made a name for herself in the Pakistani drama industry with her brilliant performances in the dramas Sunu Chanda, Ranjha Ranjha and Jhooti and recently she wrote the drama series She is showing the essence of her acting in the play ‘God and Love’.

In an exclusive interview with BBC journalist Mukarram Kaleem, Iqra Aziz said that she was in the tenth grade when she entered the industry through a TVC and then decided that That’s all they have to do now.

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