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Lemon Paprika Pasta by Here’s quick and easy weeknight meal that is so vers…

Lemon Paprika Pasta

by janetsmunchmeals

Here’s quick and easy weeknight meal that is so versatile to add in veggies and proteins, or all on its own! The cashew cream sauce is spruced up with sweet paprika and vegan cream cheese, topped with chives 😋 🌿
This is so easy and TASTY, ready in around 30 minutes. Get the recipe 👇🏼
1/2 lb. pasta
1 cup cashews (boiled in water for 20 min)
2 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/8 tsp turmeric
1/4 cup vegan cream cheese (used garlic chive flavor)
1 cup warm vegetable broth
1 tsp kosher salt
Pepper to taste
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Chives and paprika or cayenne for serving

Boil pasta in salted water until al dente. In a separate saucepan at the same time, boil the cashews. While they are cooking, gather the other sauce ingredients. When the pasta is done, drain but reserve 1/4 cup pasta cooking water. Drain cashews, add them to a blender along with remaining sauce ingredients. Add sauce back to hot pasta. Stir well, add bit of pasta water a little at a time if desired, to thin the sauce. Serve, top with chives and paprika or cayenne if desired.


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