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Everything has been seen in Muhammad Yusuf’s career. Beautiful wrist strokes instead of force, the habit of running out fellow batsmen, defensive captaincy and not sticking to your decisions.

Muhammad Yusuf started by expressing gratitude for his excellent performance by making a cross on his chest which later turned into prostration of thanks That means dominating the opponent’s bowling.

In his 12-year career, he allowed fewer bowlers to dominate. That’s why he came first in the ICC world rankings. Wisden was named ICC Test Cricketer of the Year and was named one of the top five cricketers of the year.

The climax of Muhammad Yusuf’s career came when he removed Sir Vivian Richards from the world record for most Test runs in 2006 after 30 years and recorded his name with 1788 runs. It was the year he scored nine Test centuries, a new world record.

His unbeaten run this year can be gauged from the fact that he scored more than 600 runs in four Tests during his tour of England, including a double century at Lord’s and a double century at Headingley. There were only eight runs left in the innings.

In the same year, when West Indies came to Pakistan, Mohammad Yousuf also lost the brilliance of Brian Lara when he came close to double century twice in Multan and Lahore, while in Karachi he scored three-digit innings in both innings.

The triangle of Mohammad Yousuf Inzamam-ul-Haq and Younis Khan has always been a source of strength for Pakistani batting. The names of the three must be seen somewhere in some kind of victory and some big partnership.

Mohammad Yousuf has shared two triple and two double centuries with Younis Khan while he has shared a double century with Inzamam-ul-Haq. Mohammad Yousuf has never been a favorite of the cricket establishment. He was deported from Kenya in 2002 for disobeying orders to participate in net practice.

He was made captain in 2006 after Younis Khan’s refusal but General Pervez Musharraf’s right hand man Dr Naseem Ashraf took over the reins of Pakistan Cricket Board and removed Muhammad Yousuf before he became captain and persuaded the angry Younis Khan. He handed over the responsibility of leadership.

Muhammad Yousuf has twice joined the ICL. The first time he was not included in the World Twenty20 squad, he signed an ICL contract with Inzamam-ul-Haq and other fellow cricketers but Dr. Naseem Ashraf brought him back to the Pakistan team. A huge price was paid by the Pakistan Cricket Board while Mohammad Yousuf denies that the refund was for a large sum of money.

The ICL did not accept the termination of Muhammad Yousuf’s case and the matter remained pending in the Mumbai Arbitration Court for several days.

Mohammad Yousuf turned to the ICL for the second time when he was included in the squad for the one-day series against the West Indies in Abu Dhabi but reportedly remained silent due to differences with captain Shoaib Malik. They left the camp and went to India.

When the ICL rolled up its sleeves due to financial difficulties, all the rejected cricketers began to weigh in on their return to international cricket and meeting Ijaz Butt through captain Younis Khan reopened the doors of international cricket to Muhammad Yousuf When Khan became a victim of domestic politics, he got the captaincy but only one visit decided his future.

Mohammad Yousuf’s relationship with Shoaib Malik has never been cordial and he blamed him for spreading chaos in the team without naming the former captain in every interview on his return from an Australian tour.

Muhammad Yusuf used to change them by making decisions in the past, perhaps that is why this time too he is expected to do the same

The biggest objection of observers to Muhammad Yusuf’s personality has been that he lacks decision-making power. That is why he has been asked if he thinks Shoaib Malik was spreading chaos in the team. Why not send him back home and keep criticizing him in the media without mentioning his name.

Mohammad Yousuf’s decision to retire is also being seen by some quarters as a step towards putting pressure on the cricket board as everyone is aware that despite not showing any extraordinary performance in recent days, Muhammad Yousuf and Younis Khan’s team is in dire need in Test matches.

Pakistani suspended cricketer Mohammad Yousuf speaks during a press conference in Karachi, Pakistan on Feb. 14, 2009. Yousuf said Saturday he could not leave the non-sanctioned Indian Cricket League because he has signed a three-year contract with the organizers of the Twenty20 event. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

Mohammad Yousuf has been making decisions in the past and changing them. Maybe that is why he is expected to do the same this time too.

Hanif Mohammad was forcibly retired. Zaheer Abbas was not allowed to play the announced farewell test.

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