Kiran Ashfaq Most Beautiful Clicks After Divorce

Imran Ashraf Awan is one of the finest actors in the Pakistan Showbiz Industry. He is the one, who began his acting career with ambitious goals, and is now the industry’s valued gem and most sought-after performer. He is now one of Pakistan’s most beloved performers, and his fame is growing throughout the world as he also started writing. When we hear his name, the first thing that comes to mind is his impeccable acting abilities and his keen yet humble personality.

He has a huge fan base. All because of his superb acting abilities and ability to make most dramas economically and critically successful. This article is all about Imran Ashraf Biography, Imran Ashraf Age, Imran Ashraf Education, Imran Ashraf Family, Imran Ashraf Wife, Imran Ashraf Career, and Imran Ashraf Awards and Nominations.

Rumours are rife about the separation between Kiran Ashfaque and Imran Ashraf as former has made some prominent changes on her Instagram profile.

Kiran has removed her husband’s name as surname on Instagram, changing it to “Kiran Ashafque Hussein Dar”, reports said.

Furthermore, Kiran has also removed all photos with Imran Ashraf, one of the finest actors in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

The model also shared some sad status on her Instagram Stories, triggering the speculations of differences with her husband.

“Rich or handsom? a girl asked. Loyal, a woman replied,” an online status read.Social media users were quick to notice the changes on her Instagram profile, with some believing that the celebrity couple is not together anymore.

However, the couple has not officially confirmed any such development.

Imran and Kiran got married in 2018 and now they have a baby boy, named as Roham.

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