Iman Ali Speaks Legitimately About Controversial Relationship with Late Father

Iman Ali is a gorgeous Pakistani supermodel and a phenomenal actress. She is the daughter of Pakistan’s popular veteran Actors Abid Ali and Humaira Chaudhary. Iman Ali has performed in blockbuster Pakistani movies “Khuda ke Liye”, “Bol” and “Mah-e-meer”. Iman is soon appearing in the movie “Tich Button”, which is Urwa Hocane’s debut film as a producer.

Currently, Iman Ali is promoting her film Tich Button and she’s giving her interviews for that as well. In the recent interview with Something Haute with Amna, Iman Ali opened up about her rocky relationship with her father.

Talking about her relationship with Abid Ali, Iman Ali said, “he was just never there, there was no relationship, had he been in my life, I would have had a relationship with him, Where was Abid Ali in our life, If he was working then why were we so poor, I mean, I changed my life within the four years of my professional career, I made a house, I used to save a single penny, I used to spend on my needs instead of my medicines, he was never there in our lives”

Talking about mending relationship with father Iman Ali said, “When he came back into my life, he passed away sooner after that, previously, I was careless of his presence but even then I had a hope that he will be back but now that hope is also gone”

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