Hareem Shah Beautiful Photos With Cute Baby

Famous controversial TikTok star Hareem Shah, who mostly keeps fans and netizens involved with her activities, has opened another question with her recent post.

Hareem Shah took to her Instagram and uploaded a photo of a newborn baby and netizens are wondering who the baby belongs to or does he/she has any relation with the TikToker.

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Earlier in June, Hareem Shah’s engagement then marriage went viral when she posted photos of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram. She is popular to the people because of negative activities.

She had also posted photos of the wedding dress and bridal make-up on Instagram on June 23 but did not added title to the photos.

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Following the photos, news of their engagement and marriage spread on social media, but now the private TV channel website has confirmed that the TikTok star has confirmed the marriage.

A private TV channel claimed in its report that Hareem Shah confirmed that she was married to a member of the Sindh Assembly from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

The report said that although Hareem Shah confirmed the marriage to the member of Sindh assembly, she refrained from revealing her husband’s name and did not mention when and where she had got married.

According to the sources, Shah had refused to share marriage information with the member of the Sindh assembly but promised that she would release more information about the marriage soon.

Note that Hareem Shah gained popularity when her videos with prominent politicians and celebrities went viral.

Her videos with several politicians, religious figures and social leaders have gone viral in the past.

After gaining fame from TikTok, Hareem Shah also showed the essence of acting in a web series inspired by her life while she also appeared in various commercials.

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