“Go Home!” Sarwat Gilani reveals her most romantic moment with hubby

Sarwat Gilani is a highly versatile actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry who has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances on both the small and big screens. Gilani is renowned for her outstanding work in successful projects such as the Barat Series, Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan, Joyland, and Churails. Additionally, she is also known for doing daring bold modeling photo shoots.

"Go Home!" Sarwat Gilani reveals her most romantic moment with hubby

Sarwat Gilani tied the knot with actor and surgeon Fahad Mirza for the second time, and the couple now has two sons. Despite being married and a mother, Gilani exudes an air of independence and confidence that suggests she is still living life on her own rules. She prioritizes her health by maintaining a disciplined exercise routine and ensuring adequate sleep, which contributes to her youthful appearance.

Sarwat Gilani made an appearance on the Shoaib Akhtar Show, during which she shared the most romantic gesture her husband Fahad Mirza has ever made. According to the actress, “The most romantic thing he ever did was propose to me. He booked an entire corner at Sakura, decorated it with stunning flowers and candles, and told me that he has also invited his friends there.

"Go Home!" Sarwat Gilani reveals her most romantic moment with hubby

Expanding on her earlier statement, Sarwat revealed that Fahad had instructed her to wear a lovely dress for the occasion. When she arrived, there were no friends present, and she immediately realized what was happening. “It was the most romantic thing for me,” the actress shared. “He did it only for me.” Sarwat further added that both she and Fahad are naturally romantic individuals, and their friends often joke with them to go home when they are out together in public.

What more did Sarwat Gilani reveal about her husband’s romantic affairs? If you want to listen, click the link below to watch the full interview.

Don’t you guys also agree that no husband and wife should be romantic in public no matter how much they love each other? Or one should continue your love and not care about people. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

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