Child Star Alishba Yasin Got Married at only 16

Pakistani drama industry mostly runs on family based stories. The dramas revolve around joint families with issues between mother in law and daughter in law, husband and wife and kids being highlighted 99% of the time. This makes supporting cast equally important as no family story can move forward without showing a family. Child stars are what add more drama and angles to scripts.

The majority of the dramas produced in Pakistan centre on families. The dramas focus 99% of the time on problems between husband and wife, mother in law and daughter in law, and youngsters in joint households. As a result, supporting characters are equally crucial because no family story can progress without a family being presented. Child actors are what give screenplays greater drama and plot twists. Many former child stars have worked hard to perfect their skill and are now working in the industry full-time. The two Khans—Aiman and Minal—are the best examples of celebrities who have developed before our eyes. Alishba Yasin is another rising celebrity who has begun a new chapter in her life.

We have seen many ex child stars polish their craft to the fullest and work full time as actors in the industry now. Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are the best example of stars who have grown up in front of our lives. Another young star who has started a new chapter in her life now is Alishba Yasin.

Alishba Yasin has featured in many dramas including Kaif e Baharan, Badgumaan, Bandhan and Ab Kar Meri Rafugari. The young actress has recently graduated from high school and now she has entered the union of Nikah at a very young age. She has shared pictures from her Nikah and she definitely looks beautiful. Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

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