Who Is Hashim Raza What Happened To Him

No one knows when a person’s life will change, one moment life takes such a turn that no one can even imagine that it can happen. In this news, we will tell you about one such young guy.

A photo of a young man is quite viral on social media, in which on one side the young man is looking healthy, on the other hand, the same young man is in a state of weakness.

In fact, this young man in the picture is Hashim Raza, who belongs to Lahore. From the information on Hashim’s Facebook profile, it can be inferred that Hashim is a very talented, well-mannered and educated young man.

Hashim has been leading in many educational works including social works, but recently this news has broken everyone that how a laughing and playing young man has come to bed, actually Hashim has got a malignant disease like cancer. Is. As Hashim’s treatment is not possible in Pakistan, it is necessary to take Hashim to America.

However, on June 18, Hashim uploaded a post that made users and friends of Hashim sad. Dressed in a blue shirt, Hashim looked weak but had a smile on his face. Laughing and enduring.

The shirt mentioned in the post says that my destination is paradise. In the post, Hashim wrote that we are all travelers of this world, stopping for our destination. Heaven is our real home, not this world.

Hashim further wrote that life is our test, Paradise is its reward. Hope, we are all together in heaven.

Hashim’s treatment is going on, while there is a campaign on social media that an angel should come forward to help Hashim and help him in his treatment. There is information on Hashem’s Facebook profile, through which angelic beings can help Hashem.

Our web prays that Hashem gets back on his feet and defeats cancer.

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