Ten Showbiz Actresses Who Faced Divorce

Judicial separation is something that is much difficult to go through. Be it a celebrity or a common man, it is an equally unpleasant and immensely harsh experience for both. Celebrities are public figures and people have a lot of interest in knowing even more about their personal life. The fact is, being a celebrity their personal matters cannot be concealed from media.

However, there are some courageous enough celebrities who dared to speak about their divorce. To speak about this painful journey is as much difficult as to go through it. Here we are going to tell you guys about some of the celebrities who were brave enough to put their stance In front of the public regarding their relationships.

Fiza Ali
Fiza Ali is a known personality of Pakistani TV industry. She had made this long through her dedication and amazing art skills. Fiza is not only an actress but also a singer, model, and host as well. Fiza has been quite vocal about her divorce.

In an interview with Juggan Kazim, she clearly told the reason for her divorce and said that she married her husband Fawad and prior to her marriage she was used to live in Karachi. Soon after her marriage, she moved to Lahore for her husband had his business here in Lahore. Additionally, she told that her husband proved to be a very social person and he just wanted Fiza to get more and more social. Neither physically nor mentally she ever got abused by her husband but she always just forced her to attend every party in the town.

Contrary to her husband Fiza was not a party girl. She couldn’t mold herself to be there at every event. This varies thing compelled her to part her ways from her husband. Her family also wanted her to end it up. Now Fiza is single and focusing on her career. Fiza is s a brave girl to makes that much difficult decision for herself.

Affan Waheed
Affan Waheed, Do Bol fame actor, is an incredible actor, model, and VJ as well. Affan is also among those celebrities who went through this difficult phase of life. Affan Waheed married Ayesha Jalali and the couple could get along for only one year. Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada provided him the opportunity to clear the air about his divorce. He confessed the news is not fake and they both are no longer with each other. Affan is of the view neither wife nor husband is bad. It’s just sometimes when you don’t find compatibility with each other, the lack of compatibility was the chief reason for their separation.

Divorce left an adverse effect on his mental and physical health. He went into a phase of depression and also faced a severe hair fall. When you are depressed and broken it’s impossible for you to focus on anything, Affan’s case was not an exception he was also unable to perform for a certain time period.

Zara Noor Abbas
Zara, an incredible actor doesn’t need any introduction. She has got a really beautiful smile. Zara is one of those actresses who openly speak about their struggle with depression and of course the core reason behind their depression. So coming to the point of her marriage that eventually ended up with divorce we are going to make you guys know that how she got married and how she just came out of it. Zara was used to live In America and during her stay there, she met a family and soon came on good terms with them.

The boy from that family proposed to her and she accepted the proposal after putting forward some conditions. She asked him he would allow her to pursue her career in acting and would let her do her master’s from New York film academy. The person claimed to be ok with her all conditions. This was all she was eagerly wanting at that time and eventually got married to that boy literally in no time. Soon after getting married, she started realizing that all the reasons for which she got married were progressing her relationship.

Her main reason for getting married was escapism, all she wanted was to get free and find an escaped place. She realized that she had married for all the wrong reasons, that was the time when she strongly took a decision and got divorced. Her family accepted her decision. The reality is society does not find you fit for any other thing if you’re divorced and this thing can put you in severe depression. Zara is now happily married to co-actor Asad Siddiqui.

Sanam Saeed
Sanam Saeed, Zindagi Gulzar Hai fame actress revealed her journey from marriage to divorce in her interview with Samina Peerzada show named speak your heart with Samina Peerzada. Sanam married her childhood friend and after getting married she went to Dubai. Being a celebrity she was used to lead a very happening life in Karachi. Contrary to her pre-marriage life, she felt so leftover during her stay in Dubai. She felt like she cannot live a life like this. On the other hand, her mother was also in bad health at that time. Sanam claims to be a free-spirited person and cannot live under anyone’s direction.

Sanam due to her mother’s illness got so much fear of losing her mother. She couldn’t be there in Karachi with her mother. Sanam never wanted to give her time to anyone else but her mother. She decided to part her ways with her life partner as she just wanted to be around her mother. She openly holds herself responsible for the divorce.

Sanam Baloch
Sanam Baloch married her co-actor Abdullah Farhatullah and both were really good friends. Sanam said in an interview that she considered her relationship with her husband would be a good one and they can go a long way and are compatible enough to turn their relationship from friends to life partners. She clarified that she is no more in terms with Abdullah. She wished him to be prosperous and happy. Sanam Baloch didn’t share the reason behind their divorce but utterly condemned to live under the command or control of someone. Sanam is strong enough to face these circumstances with courage and a beautiful smile on her face.

Juggan Kazim
Juggan Kazim is the most successful and prominent TV host and has an incredible experience of hosting the morning shows. Juggan Kazim was not lucky enough to get a desired life partner. Juggan was studying abroad and came to Pakistan to attend her cousin’s marriage, she met a person there got married within one week. She didn’t tell her family about her marriage. She openly talks about her past. Her ex-husband was a man who was used to be violent. Juggan told that she met that man in Karachi and she herself was from Lahore. Her husband was used to your torcher her physically and mentally. She was got beaten up by her numerous times.

Juggan Kazim courageously took the decision to get herself free from this evil-spirited man. Later she married Faisal Naqvi and has beautiful three kids.

Shahroz Sabzwari
Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousaf were considered to be the most adorable couple in town. The news of their divorce served as a piece of shocking news for their fans. After their divorce, Shahroz Sabzwari came forward and put her stance on their divorce. He said that he never wanted to end up with Syra but certain circumstances lead them to the decision. Moreover, he also denied the allegations of cheating on Syra and clearly denied being in a relationship with Sadaf Kanwal. Following their divorce, Shahroz married Sadaf Kanwal and again released a video message to get vocal about the facts. He said his main aim to record this video is just to defend his decision and claimed to be a righteous man.

Additionally, she put aside all the rumors and allegations and said that Sadaf has got nothing to do with his divorce. He openly challenged the people to come forward with the proof of his dishonesty. Syra and Shahroz parted their ways back in August 2019.

Syra Yousaf
Syra Yousaf is such a nice and sophisticated person. After her divorce from husband Shahroz Sabzwari she dealt with all the matters with sheer elegance and intelligence. She never uttered the words of disrespect neither for her ex-husband nor for Sadaf Kanwal.

In a live interview with HSY, the elegant girl maintained her dignity in a very graceful way Syra said ‘I think I am going to move forward with knowing that people’s actions towards me have nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with them, who they are, what they believe in, and what is going with them here’. She further added there’s no point for me to worry about that, to take offense to that, to feel bad about it, and to feel guilty about it. All my actions have has got everything to do with me.

Shaista Lodhi
Shaista Lodhi is a prominent name in this industry. Unfortunately, she just had to end up 13-year-old relationship due to certain reasons. Shaista was at the peak of her career when she took the decision to move on in her life. She told about the struggling period of her life that her mother boycott her for almost three years as she didn’t want her to part her ways with her husband but Shaista was very sure that she didn’t want to live in an unhappy married life.

Shaista has three beautiful kids. Following their separation, her ex-husband’s health become worse and he ended up losing his life. Shaista is always seen praising her husband. Later in 2015, she married her cousin named Adnan. The duo is often seen sharing beautiful pictures with their fans. We are wishing them more happiness and success.

Nadia Khan
Nadia Khan is the pioneer of morning shows. She is the best amongst all. Her jolly nature and great hosting skills make it even more fun watching her Show. She never talk much about the factors that affected her marriage but recently the amazing Nadia Khan was seen in Muskurati Morning with Farah Hussain where she gave some clues about the reason for which she ended up her marriage. She said that it is totally unacceptable to keep your relationship going when something unfair is happening with you and you just intend to keep your marriage unbroken.

She shared her experience by saying that she was the one who did the same thing she waited for whole 10 years to get the things settled down but eventually it didn’t happen. She is of the view that it’s not necessary to live in s toxic relationship. There are not many facts about Nadia khan’s first marriage but second time she married Khawar Iqbal and had two children Alizeh and Azlan. Later she got divorced in 2012. She has tied the knot with Faisal Mumtaz Rao in January 2021.

Bushra Ansari
Bushra Ansari married Iqbal Ansari in year 1978. In an interview with Meera Sethi, she clearly talked about her divorce. She said that it was her will to take the right of divorce and her father did it for her and garnered her with the right to give divorce so, she is not the one who has been divorced by someone.

She is the one who gave divorce to her husband. Bushra Ansari told that when she realized that her marriage is difficult to go through with it then her daughters were too young and the idea of leaving this relationship had always changed due to her daughters because she was used to think that her divorce is going to effect them directly. She strived hard for 36 years to keep her relationship going.

She very calmly admitted that after her daughter’s marriage she thought now it’s high time to give relief to each other and finally divorced her husband. Bushra Ansari is a strongly opinionated person and thinks that your life partner should be genuine and should have gentle behavior. Certainly, it wouldn’t be easy to end a long time relationship but we must say she is so brave and courageous to take a difficult decision for herself.

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