Some Memorable Pictures shared by Noman Ijaz with his Son

Nauman Ijaz is a Pakistani television and film performer as well as a TV broadcaster and Organization program mediator. He is by and by working with an afternoon syndicated program on Neo News HD with the title of G Sarkar.

Everything really began from one of their theatrics in which they assumed the part of a couple. Their a lot entrancing presentation made individuals suspect that the two of them were really infatuated with one another.

Yaad is a revamp of her old melody and this time the video highlights Nauman Ijaz bringing back the science of Maqsood Sahab and Sakina on screens.

Be that as it may, we actually need proper characterizations. Commonly, individuals go unnoticed, and it’s a generally held assessment that how much devotees via web-based entertainment likewise influence the results for different entertainers.

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