Six marriages but all failed. Former actress Tani Begum is in what condition today

In the history of Lollywood, there have been some names without whom the film was considered incomplete. He used to add color to his character in every film.

Such is the name of Tani Begum … Tani Begum has acted in hundreds of films … and played all the roles from youth to middle age. She was a beautiful actress of her time and she always impressed herself with her work.

Tani Begum did work in the film industry but not a single song was recorded on her which is a surprising thing … She always worked with everyone in a friendly atmosphere and everyone was impressed by her manners. …

In her personal life, Tani Begum always wanted to live a good family life, but during her six marriages, she did not find a single person who could fulfill her desire.

He also got married to an actor-writer and this marriage was not successful. He has two sons and three daughters and one of them is a daughter, Sami Zaidi. Sami Zaidi also did a great job for the TV industry. She made a lot of names but then quit her job after marriage and moved abroad. All of their children are married and live in the United States with their daughter Sammy.

The most interesting thing is that such a great actress of the past has never been seen in any award ceremony or any show. She is now living her life completely away from the world of showbiz.

He is surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren and his daughter Sami Zaidi often shares her photos with him and their love is everlasting.

Recently, it was seen that Tani Begum was selling jewelery on a social media page called Mukhtar Aunty. She is selling this jewelery for dollars and she has the same loving style that people used to be impressed by her. Tani Begum, this work is not under any need. Rather, they are doing it with passion and selling beautiful jewelery

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