Sara Khan And Falak Shabbir Loving Moments In Hotel

The name of Sara Khan, who entered the Pakistani drama industry in 2012 with the TV drama ‘Badi Apa’, has been trending on Pakistani Twitter since last night.

The reason for this is the news of her engagement with singer Falak Shabbir, which has made the hearts of users happy on social media.

By the way, after hearing the news of marriage and engagement of celebrities, the process of sending congratulations and best wishes starts, but this news has made the social media family of Pakistan very happy.

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One of the reasons for this was Sara Khan’s bond that was broken. When this bond was broken, the sympathy of many consumers with Sara Khan had increased.

Actress Sara Khan was rumored to be getting married to actor Agha Ali before Falak Shabbir and the two worked on screen together.

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In an interview given to Urdu News, Sara Khan had said about ending her relationship with Agha Ali that she showed my heart by crossing all the boundaries of morality. So part ways.

Regarding the end of this relationship, Agha Ali told the local media in her interview that Sara Khan is a very good girl and he looks at her and her work with respect.

Well, this is a thing of the past, but yesterday, when the video of Falak Shabbir proposing to Sarah, who was sitting on her knees, came out, the users not only shared this video, but also exchanged greetings with the couple.

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One user Habiba wrote that Sarah Khan’s story proves that Allah makes better and more beautiful plans for us.

When everyone said that Sarah deserves much better than that, they meant Falak Shabbir. Mashaallah dear couple.

Another user shared photos of Sara Khan with Agha Ali and Falak Shabbir and wrote, “From then on. Surely Allah makes the best plans.

One user, Ash, wrote, “Whatever is right and what is made for you will come to you no matter what.”

Bilal shared a video of them together and wrote, “The way he laughs at her and the way she laughs.”

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