Sajal Ali in Red Sea Film Festival with Imran Khan Ex Wife wearing white Dress

Sajal Ali wearing the beautiful Dressing and Looking So Amazing and Sharply in Red sea films award show she is looking unique and different and She also sit with Jemima Goldsmith in award show and represented Pakistani actors on an international level.

Sajal Ali chose a very hard journey of life by choosing the very unique way to leave her husband and focus on her carrier by doing different projects with awesome way see some white dressing massive pics of Sajal Ali.

Sajal Aly looked astounding in an ivory outfit and high pig tail with bangs, while producer Jemima Goldsmith strolled honorary pathway in a sparkling metallic troupe. The two were joined by the cast of What’s Affection Have to Do with It?, including Bollywood entertainer Shabana Azmi and chief Shekhar Kapur.

Sajal looked staggering in an exquisite ivory outfit, while Jemima settled on a metallic number. After the debut of their new contribution, Shekhar made that big appearance and commended the Dhoop Ki Deewar star. “Sajal,” he acquainted the entertainer with the group.

Pakistani entertainer Sajal gets an immense commendation from Indian producer Shekhar Kapur at the Saudi Arabia’s Red Ocean Global Film Celebration. Sajal went to the celebration alongside the star cast of her movie What’s Adoration Have to do with it which is coordinated by Shekhar Kapur and composed by Jemima Goldsmith.

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