Popular Former Actress Zeba Bakhtiar Life Story

Zeba Bakhtiar was most popular actress in film industry. She acted in many hit movies but today we will discuss how she got married to Adnan Sami and how they separated.

Former famous actress Zeba Bakhtiar has shared some pictures of the movie ‘Hina’ in memory of the legendary Indian actor Rishi Kapoor.

While Indian artists have been shocked by the deaths of two legendary Bollywood actors Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor last month, Pakistani artists have also been saddened by the news of their deaths and are seen sending different messages to them. ۔

In such a situation, the famous actress of the past Zeba Bakhtiar also remembered Rishi Kapoor and shared some beautiful memorable photos related to her film ‘Hina’ on Instagram and also wrote an emotional message for Rishi Ji with those photos.

In her message on Instagram, Zeba Bakhtiar wrote, “I am shocked to hear the news of the death of my dear friend Rishi Kapoor.”

Zeba Bakhtiar wrote that “it is not known and time passes so fast, it seems that the shooting of the film ‘Hina’ is only a matter of tomorrow.”

The actress wrote, “I will always remember you in Rishi. It is really difficult for me to bear the loss of your death.”

He wrote, “You were a superstar for us, my lunar moon. You will always live in our hearts.”

Zeba Bakhtiar recalled the shooting of the film ‘Hina’ and wrote, ‘Thank you very much for the things you taught me during the shooting of the film’ Hina ‘. ”

Finally, the actress wrote, “I can’t write any more, just your henna.”

It may be recalled that Zeba Bakhtiar and Rishi Kapoor had worked together in the Bollywood super hit film ‘Hina’, which was released in 1991 and ‘Hina’ was Zeba Bakhtiar’s first Indian film.

Rishi Kapoor, a 67-year-old Indian actor, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and went to New York for treatment. He returned to Mumbai in September last year after undergoing treatment there for a year.

Rishi Kapoor passed away at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai last month.

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