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Leading actress of Pakistan film and TV industry Neelam Munir has revealed that she is very angry with ironing clothes and washing dishes.

Girls usually have to work in the house, which is also our culture.

Every one of our favorite actresses belonging to the showbiz industry also does housework and has confessed this many times. Leading Pakistani actress Sara Khan cleans her house from washing dishes and clothes.

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Actress Hira Mani has also shared her videos while doing housework and cooking several times while Aiza Khan also has to say that she knows how to do all the housework and also does the housework when given the opportunity.

In such a situation, Khobro actress Neelam Munir was also asked during a talk show which housework she likes and which she dislikes.

Responding to this, Neelam Munir said that she is very angry with ironing clothes and washing dishes, she does not like these two jobs.

Meanwhile, actress Kubra Khan, who was invited as a guest in the show, said that she loves to wash dishes and she enjoys washing dishes at home.

Leading Pakistani actress Neelam Munir has said that she does not follow the plan and if she has to leave the industry, she will leave. She loves acting in comedy films.

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Speaking exclusively on the private show “Rewind with Samina Pirzada”, Neelam Munir said that my eyes are weak and I give a lot of credit to my eyes because even if someone passes by, I do not know who.

The actress added, “I am very happy about this. People say that seeing and falling in love with someone at a glance does not happen to me. My family members also ask me if there is any choice.” So tell me, but there is no such thing and I am very calm.

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Neelam Munir said in her interview that one has to go through many things to get close to me or inside my heart. Neelam Munir said that life has changed a lot after being associated with the industry, I have become very responsible as well as working.

I never thought about what he thinks and what he thinks. Neelam Munir said that I always try to do my job, I do not interfere in anyone’s affairs.

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