Minal Khan shares the melody that evokes memories of her late father

Yes, it is remarkable to witness the rapid growth of Aiman Khan and Minal Khan throughout their careers. These twin sisters embarked on their journey in the television industry at a very young age, before even reaching the age of 10. Today, Aiman and Minal are not only leading actresses in the drama industry, but they have also established themselves as independent married women with families of their own. It is truly impressive to see how they have evolved and flourished over the years.

Minal Khan shares the melody that evokes memories of her late father

Indeed, Aiman and Minal Khan have maintained strong connections with their siblings and mother even after their marriages. They visit their mother’s house 2-3 times a week, showcasing their commitment to family values. Additionally, their family has often made appearances on Pakistani TV shows. It is noteworthy that Aiman and Minal’s clothing brand is managed by their brother Maaz Khan. This shows how their family works together to achieve their goals and success.

It is touching to see how Minal and Aiman Khan often share memories of their late father on social media and request their fans to pray for him. Recently, during an appearance on the Mirza Malik show, Minal revealed how she misses her father, Mubeen Khan, and also shared which song she associates with his memories. It is noteworthy that their father had a strong desire to see his daughters working in the television industry, and a friend of his provided them with the opportunity to appear on TV for the first time. This highlights the significant role their father played in their lives and careers and the emotional connection that they still have with him.

Minal Khan shares the melody that evokes memories of her late father

During her appearance on the Mirza Malik show, Minal Khan shared that she listens to Atif Aslam’s Yakeen whenever she misses her late father. It is interesting to note that Sajal Aly also mentioned humming Indian songs when remembering her mother in a fuchsia magazine interview.

If you would like to watch the full interview of Pakistani actress Minal Khan where she discusses her memories of her father, you can click on the link below.

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