Kiran Ashfaque Under Huge Criticism For Wearing Not Proper Dress During Making Sehri

Kiran Ashfaque Hussain Dar is a gorgeous Pakistani social media influencer, model & actor. She’s ex-wife of brilliant actor Imran Ashraf. Kiran Ashfaque has made a comeback in acting and modeling. Recently, her video from Sehri is doing rounds on social media. In the video, Kiran Ashfaque is cooking a Paratha for social media influencer Rranay. She cooked a perfect round crispy Paratha which got a lot of praise but her Sehri attire was criticized by the fans. First watch the video shared by Rranay.

The public is heavily criticizing her dress. Most of the fans are saying that her attire is so inappropriate for Sehri. Her deep neck, french nails, sleeveless shirt and open hair got huge public criticism. A few of them trolled her badly because of her revealing outfit choice. Many people accused her of getting bold after the divorce. A lot of people praised too and said that she’s looking pretty. Well, a few social media users didn’t recognize her.

Most people said that these actors are ridiculing the spirit of Ramzan which is about doing Ibadat and eating simple food, spending time with family. They said that actors are celebrating Ramzan like a festival instead of conducting Ibadahs. Here are the comments:

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