Great Entertainer Actress Meera New Pictures For Public

Meera is one of the great, prominent, and established actresses of 90s era. She had proved her worth as an actor and model. Meera started her career in 1995 and got immense fame after her performance in film Khilona which was released in 1999. Apart from her work, she is always in headlines for her unpredictable behavior. People make fun of her English. This is the butter fact of our society that even being free from British rule we still have their ghosts in our minds. English for us the prime criteria to judge someone’s ability or skill. Zarnish khan slams all who mock her for her English.

Mera has always gathered all the limelight by Keeping herself busy doing different things. Once she was caught in a controversy for her alleged marriage with Captain Naveed. One more time she was under criticism when her mother and she spread the fake news about her health. Meera is if the view that criticism does not effects her and this is something which every artist has to go through it.

Recently the beautiful and extremely stunning Meera shared a few pictures posing for the cameras at IPPA awards. Following her post, she got severe criticism for posing in a hysterical pose. She was posed in the way as if she was pregnant. She was wearing a beautiful dress with minimal makeup look. Her tied hair with a be beautiful bun is looking amazing.

People are just laughing after watching her pictures. She is looking stunning but it was her pose that made people to laugh so hard. Just check below that what people have got to say about it. Meera is our beloved actress but she is very unique in her own way. We wish her very best of luck in the future. Let’s read some comments made by people on the awkward picture of Meera G.

Have you guys watched her pictures? What are Your views on the same! Don’t forget to write to us.

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