Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are the most pre-eminent and striking couple. Aiman is twin sister of Minal and she is gorgeous like a fairy. Both sister are in hot water after cloth choice. Their captivating chemistry and love bond is adored by each fan and they both own a huge fan following.

Taking you guys back to the time when they both begun working together and were just good fellows. But after that after thing got changed when Aiman Khan’s minor joke about marriage gave Muneeb Butt a huge hint of her fondness for Muneeb.

Their relationship began making progress and they both in the end got married. Their fascinating wedding festivities were considered to be the most expensive ones and they got trolled for spending a lot of money on their wedding affairs. There were certain memes that started making rounds on social media but they both denied the rumors of spending billions of rupees. Since they got married this couple has been gathering all the love and attention.

They both are blessed with an adorable daughter named Amal Muneeb and their mesmerizing pictures are truly winning hearts. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are fitness freaks and they really focus on their fitness. Aiman Khan has left showbiz industry following the birth of their daughter but is keeping herself busy with her clothing brand.

Apart from acting and modeling, Muneeb Butt has started vlogging and has gained a huge amount of subscribers in just few times. Her vlogs easily cross millions of views in just few hours. We are totally in love with her admiring work and dedication. Here we are sharing some outstanding and captivating pictures of this ravishing couple. We hope you guys are going to love it.

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