Afzal Khan Jan Ramboo Photos With Family

Afzal Khan aka Rambo and Sahiba, the most popular couple in the showbiz industry, are influential personalities for many showbiz couples due to their successful married life.
In her recent Vlog, Sahiba showed her wedding couple, wedding and wedding couple to the fans and shared her memories of this big day with the fans.

Sahiba said that after the marriage there was heavy rain and their marriage took place in Data Darbar.



The couple shows up and tells Rambo that you are so good that my heart wants me to get married again.

Rambo also expresses his desire in front of his wife that “I wish I could wear the same dress of your barat to my second wife as well.”
She says, “Looking at my partner, you are thinking that this couple has not lost its luster, so why not get another marriage.”

Rambo asks her about her second marriage, what would you do if I allowed you a second marriage?”No, I won’t,” Rambo seriously answers the joke.

John Rambo alias Afzal Khan was born on July 22, 1969 and will celebrate his 51th birthday today. On this occasion, Rebel TV congratulates him on completing 51 years of his life and wishes him good health and long life I played the role of a cleaner in the Pakistani television drama series “Guest House” so well that he gradually became the most popular actor in the series.

Saaz Haji Abdul Rashid offered to play the lead role in his film “Hero”. The film was directed by Saeed Rana and the story and dialogues were written by Bashir Niaz. In the movie Hero, the main role was played by the actress opposite Afzal Khan, while her other actors included Izhar Qazi and Rangeela. Afzal Khan showed the essence of acting in several films after Hero. He later married the heroine of his film. The actress is the daughter of famous film star Nashu. Their pair is still considered as a successful couple in the film industry.

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