Famous tik tok player Sandal Khattak recently performed Umrah.

Hareem Shah is a well known TikTok star. Her TikTok video was kept in Pakistan’s International concerns Administration Preparation Room and was profoundly lauded. She was brought into the world on December 28, 1991 and is 29 years of age. She is likewise sitting in the seat of Head of the state Imran Khan. Certain individuals emphatically scrutinized her for spreading the word about remuneration recordings in well government establishments.

Harlem answered to these pundits that they went into the gathering room with consent. Her recordings have 1.5 million supporters and more than 22.3 million preferences. This spreads the word about it one of the most well items on the huge TikTok guide of Pakistan.


The video begins with Hareem and her ‘better half’ Sundal sitting on what it appears to be a bed together while they face the camera. With exhibiting merry grins, both the women begin singing to ‘Kitna anokha bandhan hai yeh’ and not long after they kiss each other right on the lips.

Celebrated Tik Tok star Hareem Shah crushed Mufti Abdul Qavi. Hareem Shah Slaps Mufti Qavi Video Turns into a web sensation, Recordings is flowing via online entertainment. In the most recent viral video on the web, individuals saw Hareem Shah meet dubious strict researcher Mufti Qavi.

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